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I am one of the first persian ( iranian )Dj since 2001

And i worked with must of persian vocals ( legends ) and many of them even still has their event flyers on their page with my name on it

For example: @realshadmehr @andymusic1 @behzadleito @sasy @alirezajjofficial @sijalofficial @khodekhalse @sohmj @masoudsadeghloo @dynatonic @dj_mamsii @arashmusic @shahyadmusic  .... 


Had interview on @iranintltv ( on of must popular persian news channel base in uk ) even they speak about how i do my job in dubai and why always the artist select me as their dj


I play for many many events even i worked with other great artist as a dj on their stage and   Events exept persian like Scooter Band or eiffel 65 


I living in dubai and always post my photos from the my shows , concerts , events and specially in the uae must of iranian people attend to some of that for years that non of iranian dj could attend  in many concerts , events , dubai best clubs as i did and persian greatest artist accepted me as work together on stages , as a dj that put many years time on my field that maybe make the people happy and to go more stronger forward .


Best Regards


Kamran Ghasemi

( DJ Kami G )

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