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DJ's Award Winner

Welcome to the Best DJ Services in Dubai! The very best in entertainment, providing quality DJ in Dubai with over 18 years of experience. We provide music and entertainment for any type of event including private and corporate functions, specializing in wedding reception and ceremonies.


While planning an event, we know that all the details can become a bit overwhelming. You have envisioned your day and it is DJ Kami G's mission to see that every detail is taken care of as if you have done it yourself. We do not only offer the highest level of personalized service including the House, Club, Reggae, R&B, Latina, Charts, Dance Club, Dubstep, Trance, 80's, 90's, Arabic, Khaliji, Persian, Turkish, Swedish music, but do the planning and coordination of your event as well.


Our team of professional DJ and Sound Engineers are committed to working with our clients to create extraordinary and unique events. We develop relationships with our clients to bring them a sense of comfort, trust, and confidence. Our objective is to make the planning experience enjoyable and effortless so that you can have a wonderful time at your event.


" Many DJs have the attitude that they know what music is best for their audience and will not take requests or suggestions from your guests. A professional DJ will listen to requests and suggestions from your guests and use the music where it is appropriate. "

" یک نوازنده حرفه ای و با تجربه با هر پبانویی میتونه بهترین آهنگ رو بنوازه ولی نوازنده بی تجربه حتی اگر خوش صدا ترین پیانو دنیا هم رویروش باشه نمیتونه اونجور که باید آهنگ دلنشینی بنوازه "


از دی‌جی‌ها معمولاً انتظار می‌رود تا در شناخت، برگزیدن و هم‌آمیزی  آهنگ‌ها خبرگی کافی را داشته باشد.

ولی مهمتر از آن  رهبری کردن مهمانی است که باید به یک شب فراموش نشدنی  تبدیل بشود . باید خودخواه نبود و فراموش نکرد این جشن و مجلس دهها نوع سلیقه های مختلف  در خود دارد که باید به تک تک آنها احترام گذاشت .


البته تجربه ۱۸ ساله در این کار  به من یه  آموخته که با هر سلیقه ای  چه از فارسی . کردی . ترکی . شیرازی . بستکی . بندری . گرفته تا انگلیسی . هندی  . عربی  . روسی و لاتین همه  توقع دارن که به قول معروف مجلس شاد  و حساب شده باشد و هر نمونه آهنگ به موقع خود به بهترین حالت اجرا شود.



نگاه دی جی باید به مهمونا باشه نه به دستگاه .باید هر لحظه خودشو بین افراد مختلفی که روبروشن ببینه  و حس کنه .

Best Persian DJ in UAE with more than 18 years experience for your,

Private Party , Wedding , Birthday , Corporate Party , Pool Party , Club , Malls , Concerts , Engagement , Boat Party , Staff Party or Multinational Party ...

We have a full set of equipment (DJ set , speakers , Lights , Laser , Smoke Machine ) and a wide selection of music. DJ Kami G has more than 16 years of experience as a DJ in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Hits , House Music , Dubstep , Charts , R&B , Pop , Club Dance ,80's , 90's , 6/8 , 2/4 , Reggae , reggaeton , Latina , Arabic , Khaliji , Deep House , Chillout , Trance , Trap , European ,Persian , Afghan , Khodemooni .....

If you want hire dj in dubai please call to : (+971)0501599056





Simply Me.

Rave , Sleep , Repeat

I always provide the highest level of entertainment and dj-ing skills at every event! I’m able to satisfy any crowd and can keep the party going to where all party-goers want MORE! I've literally seen them scream for "MORE MUSIC" once the party ends. I wanna be extremely professional and always makes sure each event is just how you expect it to be... I got this experience as did DJ Role in more than 1000 events.


PRO International DJ

DJ K1 and Kami G ( Brothers ) Must Open Format Djs In Dubai ( UAE ) with many years of experience and professional Events.

2002 / Best DJ Award

JUNE 12/2002

I was a DJ in Grand Continental Hotel and got invited for DJ Show. I was confused but after that they called my name as a Best DJ and I received my Award from Mr. Thomas.

1998 / Blue Boys

March 16/1998

I was playing in Band called Blue Boys

as a Guitar & Keyboard Player and Also The Vocal . I Loved Rock & Roll and Heavy Metal Music That Time .


Best Persian DJ in Dubai For Wedding

Professional DJ For your party in Dubai

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Khaliji DJ


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